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Let Center Line Electric
Help Your Company Go Green

Let Center Line Electric, Inc. help your company go Green.
Center Line Electric, Inc. Electrical Contractor in Los Angeles California and Surrounding Areas.

Go Green!

Commercial sectors are increasingly prioritizing sustainability by either constructing green commercial buildings or retrofitting older structures to meet eco-friendly standards. Even minor adjustments to existing buildings can lead to significant improvements in energy efficiency and environmental impact. Implementing measures such as energy-efficient lighting, smart heating and cooling systems, and enhanced insulation can result in substantial reductions in operating costs while creating a healthier work environment for occupants.

By embracing sustainable building practices, businesses demonstrate their commitment to responsible operations while enjoying the benefits of reduced environmental footprint and enhanced profitability.

Power Factor Correction Featuring the KVAR EC:

The KVAR Energy Controller can restore and resupply the reactive power load used by electric motors in your business. Wasted energy can account for up to 25% or more of your power bill. The results of using KVAR EC are real savings for your business. ​

Sensors/Lighting Timers:

Unused lighting is the most common form of wasted energy in any building. Lighting timers or occupancy sensors with passive infrared sensing technology can eliminate this wasted energy. These technologies will deliver hands free switching and energy savings.

Go Green Energy Audit:

A GGEA is a service where the energy efficiency of the electrical devices in your building is evaluated with the goal to suggest the best ways to improve energy efficiency and lower your electric bill. ​

LED Light Fixture Retrofits:

This is one of the most common green technologies in the market. Retrofit your old lighting system with a modern, more cost effective solution. Our LED lighting fixtures offer reduced light pollution and eliminate regular maintenance costs due to ballast and lamp replacements. Custom designed LED light fixtures will eliminate short term maintenance and result in a 50-70% energy savings with a return on investment in 1-3 years. 

Go Green Incentives:

The list of incentives for energy efficiency and green technology grows even larger as environmental awareness has become more important to companies, consumers and the government. Center Line Electric Inc. offers a convenient list of these incentives from businesses in your area.

When you pledge to Go Green, you are making a commitment to save energy and money, and fight global warming by taking energy-saving actions in your building. It seems like everyone is Going Green, we're glad you want to take action too!

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