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Infrared Testing for Los Angeles
and Surrounding Areas

Infrared Testing Electrical Services in Los Angeles and surrounding Areas.

Infrared Thermography Testing offers a proactive solution to identify temperature discrepancies and potential issues within facilities. Our comprehensive reporting system highlights problem areas, including high temperatures indicating electrical resistance, component failures, and other common issues.

By addressing these warning signs promptly, businesses can prevent costly damages and maintain operational efficiency. Trust our expertise to provide precise diagnostics and strategic solutions, safeguarding your infrastructure against unforeseen challenges.

Areas in Which Center Line Electric Recommends Yearly Testing

  • Main Electrical Switchgear

  • Panel Boards

  • Primary Breaker

  • Transformers 

  • Bus Bars

  • Disconnect Switches 

  • Magnetic Motor Starters 

  • Electrical Motors 

  • Motor Control Centers 

  • Lighting Control Panels 

  • Automatic Transfer Switches 

  • Generators 

  • VFD Drives

  • Mechanical Systems

The Benefits of Infrared Inspection

Some of the benefits of infrared inspections are: quick identification of problems, improvement of maintenance quality, prevention of expensive replacements and repairs, reduced equipment downtime, prevention of equipment failure, and prevention of injuries. Infrared scans play a vital role in preventing these things.

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