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Title 24 Certification

At Center Line Electric, we specialize in ensuring that your commercial electrical systems comply with California's Title 24 guidelines. Our team of skilled electricians conducts thorough assessments of your current infrastructure, identifying areas that need improvement to meet energy efficiency and safety standards. We focus on practical solutions such as upgrading lighting fixtures to energy-efficient alternatives, optimizing HVAC controls for maximum efficiency, and implementing smart technologies to reduce energy consumption. With our expertise and attention to detail, we bring your systems up to certification level, ensuring that your business operates in accordance with regulatory requirements while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing cost savings.

Title 24 Compliance Assessment:

Our team conducts comprehensive assessments of your commercial property to ensure compliance with California Title 24 regulations. We review all electrical systems and make necessary recommendations to enhance energy efficiency and meet regulatory standards.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions:

We offer a wide range of energy-efficient lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs. From LED lighting installations to lighting control systems, we help you reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs while complying with Title 24 requirements.

Title 24 Energy Compliance Electrical Services for Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas based in Santa Clarita California



Electrical System Upgrades:

Our experienced technicians are equipped to upgrade your electrical systems to meet

Title 24 compliance standards. Whether it's upgrading electrical panels, circuits, or wiring, we ensure that your business or project meets all regulatory requirements.

Documentation and Certification Assistance:

We provide comprehensive documentation and certification assistance to streamline

the Title 24 compliance process. Our team guides you through the paperwork and ensures that all necessary documentation is submitted properly for certification.

Title 24 NRCI Forms

Electrical Power Distribution

Power Adjustment Factors

Photovoltaic Systems

Sign Lighting


Video Conference Studio Lighting

Two Interlocked Lighting Systems

EMCS Lighting Control System

Outdoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

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